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Fidelity Healthcare Limited
Person-centered care is at the heart of our company.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping individuals overcome any issues in any aspect of their life by offering an invigorating way to deal with their mental health challenges, so they may live according to their standards.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Advocacy

Our Agency

At Fidelity Behavioral Health, we provide our patients with access to state-of-the-art facilities, along with the most experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals. In 2020, Fidelity Behavioral Health opened its doors to patients in the DMV. Since then, our mission has been to provide quality care in a safe environment — earning us a reputation as the best Center for Behavioral Health in the area.

We are also accredited Medical Cannabis consultants and service providers. Know more about this service here.

From Nutrition Consultations to Pediatric Check-Ups, our personalized services allow us to manage whatever health concerns our patients might have. Book an appointment today and see what we can do for you or your loved ones.

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